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The role of marriage and family in the works of BUCHI EMECHETA – a feminist perspective

This critical study by two Turkish authors argues that women in ‘traditional’ cultures have been and often still are trapped in what they describe as a Panopticon of male values and hierarchies, one in which marriage and motherhood are essential tools of a controlling and monitoring patriarchy.

The arguments are illustrated using several of Buchi Emecheta’s s key works: The Bride Price, The Joys of Motherhood and one of her UK based novels, Second Class Citizen.

The authors go on to explore the extent to which education and the creative process of writing – solutions that Buchi Emecheta adopted in her own life – can serve as pathways to self hood and freedom for women still living under these conditions.


Panopticism and Buchi Emecheta is published by Hiperyayin and is available on Amazon.